Equine Events CEU Classes For Therapists

I love CEU classes for therapists. Really, I am not being sarcastic… sure, there’s a few duds out there, but for the most part, I am always glad I attended a class. I am (nearly) always so impressed with my colleagues’ intellect, creativity and research. I am especially grateful to those presenters who, as one instructor said, gather the latest research results like a big, beautiful pile of Fall leaves for the rest of us to run around, toss and play with together.

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Your classroom

CEU Classes For Therapists Can Be Rewarding

That said, as intellectually stimulating as the large, informative and content-packed classes are, they are only part of the equation of professional continuing education for therapists. Another, equally important component to our growth is the focus on our individual selves. We are, after all, the vessel through which all this great knowledge flows to reach our clients. If we don’t keep our “vessel” in good working order, we can’t possibly bring the best our field has to offer to clients.

Equine Facilitated Insights for Therapists

At the recent Equine Facilitated Insights for Therapists workshops, 8 licensed and pre-licensed therapists had the chance to look at our important work through a different lens – one which focused on how we uniquely deliver ourselves and our services.  Whether it was by watching the horses react to different behaviors and even thought, or noticing internal reactions to what was happening externally, participants had the chance to see what kinds of ideas and stories are created that are, perhaps, not in anyone’s best interest. Horses, by their nature, reflect and react to behavior, sound and, most importantly, emotion in “real time”, offering an accurate and immediate mirror. When a human shifts, physically or emotionally, so does the equine partner. Without an explanation, a thought or even a chance to “explain away” anything in the interaction, we all received accurate and immediate feedback to guide us back to our center.

So while I love the great minds of my colleagues who go to so much effort to bring us stimulating ideas and ways to think about our work, I equally value the quiet gaze, velvet muzzle, playful engagement or cautious avoidance found in my 1200 pound partners. To say the least, these equine events are a very special form of CEU classes for therapists.

The testimonials seem to say it best:

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Training with horses

“Loved it!  I appreciated the chance to look at therapeutic techniques in a creative new way.  Although I may never work with horses I was able to take away many different lessons for myself and for my work”

“Excellent! The direct work with the horses was amazing.”

“I didn’t know what to expect and was very pleased with my experience and the opportunity to connect with horses and learn more about myself.”
“Wonderful, totally new, experiential, outside of the box way to learn.  I always appreciate a refresh and renewal of important basics and foundation of this work.  Thank you so  much!”

The next Equine Facilitated Insights for Therapist Class is in July 2017. Last session sold out quickly, interest list is forming for upcoming events. Please contact me if you’d like early notification of 2017 sessions or more info about our other CEU classes for therapists.

Posted by Pamela Suraci