Imago Therapy Helps Couples To Reconnect

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Imago therapy, founded by Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt, shows couples how to not only minimize the hurt we unintentionally cause our partner, but to actually heal the old, bruised places in which they were originally wounded as we ourselves also heal. In the safe, contained environment provided by a Certified Imago Therapist, couples can reconnect and bond at a deeper, more satisfying and sustaining level.


“She likes to be mad at me”

“I shouldn’t have to tell him how I feel”

“You know how men/women are…”

Sound familiar? Most of us would never make such general or unrealistic statements about anyone…except our partner. Our partner, the one we want to hold dearest, is often held to an unreasonable standard that, when unmet, results in conflict and an assumption of terrible intentions.


As an Imago therapist, I have had the joy and honor of seeing transformation take place when couples “get under” the subject of bickering and find where the real issue lies. Let’s face it, raising a child is no small task. Parents are only human. Because each of us, in our precious human-ness, is flawed, we can’t help but unintentionally wound our children – just as our parents unintentionally wounded us, even when they were often terrific. We carry the wounds of our childhood, the “unfinished business”, forward to our intimate relationships as adults. Imago Therapy helps couples attend to that pain, so they can find themselves falling back in love, seeking the understanding and tenderness that was missing for so long.

Ready to really connect, learn the skills that will keep you and your beloved safe in the inevitable times of conflict? Imago may be the way back to relational bliss! Please feel free to contact me to discuss how Imago Therapy can help your relationship.  Call today and fall back in love! (805) 541-4090

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